My Expectations of Parents

-Scheduling piano practice every day at the same time

-Adhering to the schedule without fail

-Encouraging the student - "that sounds great," "I like that song," "I can tell you're learning more and getting better at playing the piano," "What's your favorite song and why?"

-Committing to a specific period of time to study the piano (one semester, one year, two years, etc.) and explaining the plan clearly to the student

-Ensuring the student arrives on time in good health with music books, assignment book, short nails and clean hands.

-Consistency in your encouragement and commitment with lessons when the student inevitably says "I don't want to practice," "I want to go play instead," "I want to quit," "I'm too tired," etc., just as if they said, "I don't want to brush my teeth," "I don't want to stop playing now," or "I don't want to go to bed."